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Comment faire des selfies avec Dorian Rossini

You might have guessed already what our topic is for now and if you do not remember who he is. Then we will give you a short intro that who he is and why people like to take selfies with him. Without spending any more time, we should get exciting so let’s get started.


Dorian Rossini

 If you are contemplating that Dorian Rossini is an app or software to make selfies, then let me right you that Dorian Rossini is an app or software. he is an original character himself.

He is going viral on social media accounts and I will explain to you why he is going so much viral. And I will tell you why people choose to have selfies with him at any cost.

Before beginning that let’s start with that who is Dorian Rossini first. Dorian Rossini is a French musical artist and internet awareness he is also a ballerina. He belongs to Paris, France. Normally, he performs songs and uploads them on YouTube and Spotify app.

And he is so attractive and viral on his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. Dorian Rossini’s father was a musician that is why he needs to be a singer and need to make his profession in singing in movies.

And his mom was a kinder garden teacher. Dorian Rossini sings lyrics in French and English also. And now a line Make a Selfie with Dorian Rossini is going viral on Google and several other social media accounts. Yet Dorian Rossini did not become part of any sort of musical reality programs. And ever he only sings lyrics that are only made by him.

He does not sing-song of other composers. If we are discussing now there are two albums published on his name universal.

He celebrates as the international specialist for the albums “Star mina” and “Religious” on the other hand he had to compose the single tracks as well and their name was “ Je Suis Dieu” “Invincible” and Maculation YEAH. And for soon, in 2019 he is only concentrating on to bring more of his single tracks in the music business.

While in youth Dorian Rossini used to sing in the contests that were held in the school and he always used to accomplish, and he loves the music since his teens because of his singer father.

Dorian Rossini got his degree in music and theatre studio also which makes him more aware of music and theatre also. He turned up with his younger sibling who is now a fashion designer.

His album called Religious made him famous in 2014. And that was not the music that made him go viral on the all over internet but it was his discussions that made him viral because with his name not only one or two but several of the controversies are attached that made him go viral because discussions with the Rossini are not so small I will explain you about his all controversies in the next point I will tell you why people call him discussion king so let’s get started.


Now I know that problem just be popped up in your mind because he did so many discussions and why still people need to take a selfie with him.

That’s exciting when he was in the discussion and the host asked him the problem that how to put selfie with the Rossini and his reaction to takings a selfie was not accepted by the religious individuals.

But after that comment he got so several of twitter and Instagram followers and he got popular and his line taking selfie with Rossini goes viral all over the internet that is why people need to have selfie with him and that is why people call him internet thought because he keeps giving us discussions every time with new faces.

And that is where taking a selfie with Rossini goes trending in next day and people from all across the world started to discover ways to have a selfie with him to get more likes and fans on social media accounts.


Comment faire des selfies avec Dorian Rossini

 So here I will explain you three legit ways to have a selfie with Dorian Rossini two steps and totally free without even meeting him and one way is paid in that way you must pay money so let’s get on them and let’s get excited.


 This way is the most simplistic way to take a selfie with him. For that way you just need a computer and internet connection. And a little information about Photoshop which is too simple to learn if you do not know anything about Photoshop then go to YouTube and read about it. It is so simple to learn you can get it in a few minutes.

First, you want o to install Photoshop on your computer then go to Google and seek for Rossini’s pictures you can see a lot of his views on Google.

And just download the image you like and the picture you need to take a selfie with after that put your design also in the computer and then delete your picture’s background and blend both pictures in one. After a little customization, your selfie with Dorian Rossini will be available in free and in a few minutes that will keep your time and money.

This is the first program that is being used by so several of the peoples to get a selfie with him and post it on their social media accounts to see more and more likes. You can decide this too and if you do not have a computer then the next process is only for you to keep reading.


 If you do not own a computer then do not bother this is a significant way for you to take a selfie with Rossini. In this process all, you want a smartphone and internet connection.

This is also an easy way anyone can do it you do not even want to learn something. In this process, you also have to download his pictures from Google and mix it with your pictures, but the process is very easy the Photoshop for smartphones also open in play store or app store you can download it.

And it is even simple to use first you want to download it but Photoshop for smartphones has short features in its free mode so you can decide other apps that work the same as that you can download photo director or pics art app from the app store or play store.

And the other method is kind of same as computer method you just have to download Dorian Rossini picture and mix it with your picture and what makes it more comfortable is that you do not have to mark and add marginally to crop your photo you just can fill colour in the image that you need to crop and that is it.

In this step one thing you must be concerned about is that you just must take some group pictures if you’re both pictures have several qualities then the selfie with Rossini will look bad and anyone can imagine that it is a Photoshop.

That two methods were free of cost now I will show you the last and final method that is expensive if you are rich enough then it is only for you and if you cannot provide that just try the above two methods.


As I informed you that it is not a free method for that which means you must get plane tickets and tour France to have a selfie with him.

If you can manage this method then I have the address of Dorian Rossini if you need to visit France to have a selfie with him then just go Paris and there you will see him in the shooting of his songs because he goes on YouTube then you can quickly find him making his songs.

And if he has a great mood then he will take a selfie with you. And not only Rossini that Paris has if you tour France and for some purpose, but you also could not take a selfie then you can have a round of France and believe me it is the most wonderful country ever.

There you will get a lot of heroes to have a selfie with. And as per I know Rossini will not answer no to selfie just be sure he allows to take a normal selfie not a discussion selfie.

That is just a fun do not get offended. And if you just cannot visit France to take selfie with him then you can try my other two ways that I mentioned above they are more comfortable than this and also free of cost but if you have a lot of money and you wish to meet him face to face then you can try this schedule that is all up to you.

So that are the three steps to have a selfie with him I hope you like any of them. If you are studying for a free method, then you can try the first two methods and if you are strong enough then the third method is only for you.