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3 Car Problems That You Can Fix in Your Garage with Simple Tools

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Car Problems That You Can Fix in Your Garage with Simple Tools

Your car breaks down. And the only person who is happy is your mechanic. He gets yet another opportunity to make some ‘extra’ dollars off the repair work. However, not all mechanics will try to rip you off, but unfortunately, they are very few and far between.

If you have a way with garage tools and the good-ol’ wrench, you can save a lot of repair money by fixing your car in the comfort of your home. Make sure you have your tools and gloves for safety. And there should be ample light in the garage or wherever you are fixing your car so that you don’t keep losing screws and bolts here and there.

So, here are 3 car problems that can be fixed at home with simple tools.

Flat tyre

Got a spare wheel but don’t know how to change the flat tyre? Changing a flat tyre may cost you around $20 at a mechanic’s workshop. And over 60% car owners dread getting their hands dirty or getting hurt in the process. But considering the exorbitant call-out fee of a mobile mechanic, a DIY wheel replacement is worth a shot.

I changed one of the front wheels on my car all by myself for the first time after owning it for 5 years because I had no other option. And I was surprised to realize how easy and fun the entire process was.

The most difficult part is jacking up the vehicle. If you can’t figure it out on your own, take help from a friend who has jacked up a car before. Learning this skill can go a long way as you can save money and be able to help yourself when the help is not around.

Things to keep in mind.

  • Loosen the bolts before jacking up the vehicle.
  • Make sure the car is parked on a concrete surface.
  • If you are changing the tyre on a highway, hazard lights should be turned on. 

Poor Throttle Response

Poor throttle response is a situation when your car feels sluggish to drive. You press the gas hard but the car won’t accelerate as it should. This indicates an issue with either of the following:

  • Throttle body
  • Air filter

Over time, the throttle body accumulates gunk around its opening, which restricts the flow of air going into the engine. But the good news is you can remove the throttle body and clean it using a specialised throttle body cleaner. You can order the cleaner online or buy it from an auto store near you.

In most cars, the coolant passes through the throttle body assembly, which means removing the assembly would drain out the coolant. If you haven’t changed the coolant in two years, this DIY method can shot two birds with one stone.

The air filter also gets clogged over time and restricts the flow of air, affecting the way your car performs. An air filter is an affordable part, and it’s fairly easy to procure and install. You don’t even need tools for this DIY task.

A clean throttle body and a brand new air filter will definitely put a wide grin on your face while driving. 

Power Window

Those good-ol’ manual windows would last the lifetime of the car, whereas modern power windows often snap without any apparent reason. And you are left with a window that’s stuck close or open. However, you can fix your power window if you know where to look for the problem. Most of the time, it’s the window regulator that breaks or wears out. You can order a new one from PartsGeek for a discounted price and install it by removing the door panel. This shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes if you are good with tools.

Once you have fixed your car, and it’s running smoothly, don’t forget to pop a beer because you deserve it.