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Leiebil Roma Traveling On Day Trips

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Leiebil Roma

Rome is an ideal place for exploration. There are many rural and traditional villages, plus culturally-laden areas surrounding the natural scenery to not only Rome but other famous cities. The suggestion is to hire a car in Rome and start the road trip there.

A car hire like Goautos-Leiebil | Roma will take you on a road trip so you can explore Italy on your own volition with no specific schedule and at your own pace. You can stop when you see a place of interest and spend as much time as you like or pass on to the next area. 

You can actually spend the whole excursion in Rome as the base area of your trip and make day trips from there to other remarkable cities. Let’s see where we could go.

Road Day Trip

Road Day Trips From Rome

Driving through Italy is a dream come true but making Rome the place where you concentrate your journey is magnificent. Hiring a car to travel through the city will be significant in itself but taking day trips to other famous towns while coming back to Rome at the end of the day is the best of both worlds.

Numerous cities within close proximity have their own story to tell. Traveling to learn about their culture and history is a treat while staying in Rome, and they’re all close to having the trip within a day. Learn a few tip trips for traveling in Rome at Let’s look at some of the options.


In the Umbria region, you’ll find Orvieto, a stunning city surrounded by vine fields, cypress trees, and olives, with a Gothic cathedral taking center stage. There are loads of cultures and history for visitors to explore. 

It’s only roughly two hours below Rome. The city is home to several underground passageways that have been in existence since Etruscan times, meaning they are 3000+ years in age. The funicular takes you to the hilltop where the city sits.


This lovely ancient Italian town is only “30 km” or 40 minutes from Rome in drive time. It offers majestic views of the “Roman Campagna. It’s a favorable day trip for its history and natural landscape. 

The hill town offers famous attractions, some of which include the “Villa Adriana” or the “ruins of Hadrian’s Villa.” Villa d’Este gardens, also a stunning Italian park “Villa Gregoriana, with a prized “100 m waterfall.”



Everyone knows Naples, nearly two hours from Rome. It was at one point the central point of the Roman Neapolis but is now home to ancient empire remnants with all that anyone would expect from a classic Italian city. It’s not that far from Rome, and some question why it might be challenging to drive in the towns; see here why that is.

That would include lemon trees, narrow streets, a culture and history for all visitors to enjoy on every street. The catacombs lie beneath the city, with the oldest being the “Catacomb di San Gennaro,” also the most famous. 

Also, the “Museo Archeologico Nazionale” holds some of the most amazing artifacts, “Greco-Roman” and Pompeii exhibits. One of its most famous exports is pizza which everyone has to try while there.


This is the furthest destination with roughly four hours of driving; it’s still a famous city along with its wonderful tower that leans. It can still be explored in one day if your day starts early. The city is located in the Tuscany region, meaning you need to keep this on your list for a visit plus the famous architect that went – off; the Leaning Tower of Pisa. 

You’ll find an “electric cafe” and hopping bar scene where you can then enjoy some of the other landmarks in the city, including many Gothic churches, “Renaissance Piazzas” with numerous Roman structures, and meet the locals for an evening with a crowd that has dominance over the popular city.



To go into the rural northern part of Italy, the suggestion is to follow to Montalcino’s wine town. It is described as a “fairytale medieval town” in central Tuscany. The city is surrounded by the popular park “Val d’Orcia Natural Park.” The town and the surrounding areas are known for the “Brunello” red wine. 

It’s almost three hours driving from Rome to the north and is well worth visiting. The 16th-century architecture has been virtually untouched, and the wine tasting is a highlight of the trip, learning why the wine is so favorable among connoisseurs. 

Final Thought

While many people travel throughout Italy instead of basing their trip in any one area, most will make an exception with Rome. There’s so much to see and do in the city that visitors want to spend most of their time there. 

After having a few days to concentrate on that specific area in their car hire, they use their rental to travel outside Rome to other famous cities that have other favorable landscapes and culture and history to share.

Fortunately, all of these cities are close enough that you can travel within a couple of hours, explore the famous sights and come back to Rome for the evening. The only one that might make you want to stay another day because you might not get enough in one day in Naples. There’s so much to see and do; it’s especially favorable.

However, you choose to handle your road trip, the best part is being able to go at your pace on your schedule, so if you choose an extra day in Naples, that’s okay. Hiring a car gives that luxury.