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Customer Feedback Analysis: Five Examples of Customer Feedback Techniques You Should Know

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customer feedback ananlysis

It is indubitable that you have been a customer often in various organizations, corporations, or even at your local store. The backbone of any successful business is its esteemed customers. Every entrepreneur wants to keep and make their clients happy, not even happier. 

The business industry is so vast and competitive. Many day jobs owners scramble and compete for the few available clients. Maintaining customers for your firm is an art if you won’t master it, you will be eliminated from the industry. 

As an entrepreneur, you should ask yourself some questions. Are my clients happy? Are our customers satisfied? Do we meet the needs of our consumers? All these vital questions can be answered by customer feedback. 

It is an efficient and effective way in which customers can express their views and engage business owners. With that said, let us discuss more about customer feedback analysis and methods that can be used by firms to engage their clientele.

  1. Follow-up email

The use of email to reach clients is one of the most convenient and is applied frequently to convey the message. Most firms collect emails from their clients. Many corporations like hotels or online stores require their users to register for their services with emails. 

The reason most corporations collect emails from their consumers is for communication purposes. Once a product is delivered, or a service is provided, firms send emails to the clients for reviews of the services served.

If you have ever stayed in a hotel or shopped online, it is common to receive mail from the service providers asking you to rate your experience. This is one of the ways corporations use to analyze customer feedback.

  1. Customer Interviews

One-to-one interviews between potential customers and business owners can be used to analyze customer feedback. Engaging your customers on how they feel about your services is vital for the thriving of your business. 

The most advantageous of interviews is getting first-hand information from the horse’s mouth. If your clientele is happy and satisfied, I will give honest feedback. The information obtained from conducting interviews can help the management uplift their services in the interests of their target market. 

Knowing as a business what your customers want helps in maintaining the traffic for your business. This will eventually increase the volume of sales enabling firms to make sizeable profits.

  1. SMS Surveys

One of the most efficient and effective ways of getting feedback from potential customers is through SMS surveys. There are a million users of cell phones worldwide, making it a convenient way to reach more clientele. 

Companies source data for the phone numbers of their clients and automate messages they are interested in conveying. It can be a short survey or ask about the client’s experience with the delivered services or products. 

Many people are access to their cellphones, making this technique of customer feedback so powerful. Through the messages delivered, firms can establish the loopholes of their organization and implement steps that inflate their delivery services. Click here to read more insights.

  1. Monitor Social Media Channels

There are a million users of social media all over the world. Many people own accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, TikTok, and Twitter, to mention a few. 

The traffic on social media is a great channel to reach many potential customers for your products. With the wide use of social media platforms, many business firms have their social media platforms.

When corporations post about their services on their social media walls, their clients often comment. Reading the comments section carefully can be valuable as it is how customers engage business owners.

  1. Affix Feedback Surveys into your WiFi Network

In the 21st century, internet coverage has been proven as a basic need. Who can survive without the internet these days? You? I am pretty sure you cannot, and even as you are reading this piece, you are using an internet connection already. Amusing right? 

With the increased use of the internet worldwide, most companies resort to providing free WiFi for their clients. Talk of hotels, clubs, bars, cafes, and even stores, most of them have WiFi for their visitors.

In the contemporary world, even before a customer in a restaurant looks at the menu, they want the WiFi password. Adding a feedback survey into your WiFi network can be a great way to convey a message to your patronage. Not only WiFi attracts customers, but it is also an excellent avenue to collect feedback. You can ask clients to create a free account to gain access to the network then capture their emails addresses to request feedback. See this link to learn more 


Customer feedback analysis is very fundamental for the success of any business. Through this analysis, entrepreneurs can determine what to add or deduct in terms of service delivery. Customer feedback is a way in which customers engage companies directly. Clientele feels valuable when are involved in the welfare of a corporation. This increases sales as they shop with confidence.