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How Is The Debugging Process Held?

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Debugging Process Tips

Debugging is a necessary step in creating embedded systems. So when it comes to the debugging process, developers become key players. Usually, they use computers to see the current code chunks and special software for debugging services. The latter ones are unique programs that can find the minor errors that humans usually see.

Some of these programs check the correctness right on the microcontrollers or microprocessors. Besides, programmers also use special bridge programs that connect the debugging application with the code that should be implemented. For example, there may be some emulators. So when the particular software is run in an emulator, it works as it is in a real chip. And it’s a great advantage to get rid of all the errors besides, since the embedded systems became essential in most industries, especially in those where lives and safety in danger, any tiny error may cost a human life.

Debugging Tips

Many companies that deal with manufacturing or maintaining embedded systems encounter errors on a daily basis. But all of them can be fixed easily, especially knowing some basic principles. For example, the Oracle company shared its own strategies for eliminating errors.

  1. Be familiar with the tools
  2. Check the memory problems first
  3. Knowing how, optimize
  4. No needles in the hay
  5. Replicate and separate the error
  6. Double-check the complete test
  7. Follow the quality standards, so it saves time
  8. Make sure you see, discover, and then go ahead
  9. Take advantage of being a beginner
  10. Be familiar with your tools

It’s not a mistake that the tools are mentioned twice. The thing is that you should be an expert in using tools. It means that you can’t make everything with just a single device. Thus, you need to know other options in order to understand and how and where to utilize them.

Debugging process


The analysis is one of the essential things that may help with potential and existing issues. In fact, the analysis should be held before the manufacturing to prevent major errors and whenever the current solution should be fixed. The only thorough analysis allows finding the best solutions and fixing the errors in a shorter period of time.

But if you are not familiar with how to do it or don’t want to deal with such a process, don’t worry. There are specialized companies that can assist you with that. For instance, Axonim company can not only debug but create embedded hardware. So if you are in search of such a company, then you should contact it. Good luck!