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Chevy Impala Common Problems & Solutions

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Chevy Impala Common Problems & Solutions

Your Chevy Impala is an iconic car with over half a century of history behind it. Proper upkeep is vital to ensuring your Impala enjoys a long lifetime on the road. With this quick guide, you can quickly spot and resolve some common Chevy Impala problems.

Improperly Fitting Gas Caps

Chevy Impala drivers have reported that loose-fitting gas caps may trigger the “Check Engine” light to illuminate, especially in older models. Tightening the gas cap may rectify the problem. However, you may need to eventually replace it. Aftermarket versions can be excellent replacements for your stock cap.

Shifter and Ignition Malfunctions

If you’ve ever gotten your Impala’s key stuck in its ignition, you’re not alone. This is typically caused by a broken or disconnected wire near the shifter assembly, under the shifter console. If it’s merely disconnected, you can simply plug it back into the shifter solenoid.

Throttle Body Injection Issues

Fuel delivery is one of the most important systems inside your Impala, and the throttle body injection process helps ensure that your engine receives proper amounts of air with its fuel intake. Located between the air filter and the intake manifold, the throttle body is linked to the gas pedal and contains a pivoting flat valve that regulates airflow into the engine. When it doesn’t work right, your “Check Engine” light may come on. Other telltale signs include poor or extremely high idling, along with stalling after you bring the vehicle to a stop. This Chevy Impala TBI repair guide offers some short instructions for making this repair.

Symptoms of a Bad Mass Air Flow Sensor on a Chevy Impala

Another key part of your Impala’s fuel delivery system is the MAF sensor, which detects the air levels in your engine and signals the engine control unit to adjust fuel intake. You must act right away if you notice symptoms of a bad mass air flow sensor:

  • Difficulty starting the vehicle or turning over the engine
  • Engine stalls right after starting
  • Hesitating or dragging during idle periods
  • Jerking and hesitation while accelerating
  • Hiccupping engine
  • Too lean or rich idling

All these signs point to problems with your engine’s air/fuel mix because the MAF sensor can’t perform its job. The sensor may be covered in dirt, oil or dust, which only requires cleaning. However, faulty MAF sensors must be replaced to fix the problem.

How To Find the Right Auto Parts for Your Chevy Impala

There are two keys to keeping your Impala in great condition: performing regular maintenance and fixing problems promptly. Achieving both these objectives requires dependable, high-quality Chevy Impala auto parts. Most retailers’ websites let you search for parts online, so you’ll need your exact make, model, year and engine type to narrow down to the right components.

While you’re at it, make sure you choose a reputable dealer. Look for a retailer with a large selection, extensive online help and a clear returns policy. Keep in mind that many offer “shop online, pickup in-store” features that let you get your parts locally and get back on the road.