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New Normal: 5 Tips on How to Survive Online Class

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tips for online class

The Covid-19 changed everyone’s life; one example seriously affected by this deadly virus is education. Luckily, the Government created defenses and established new rules to stop the Covid-19 from hindering education; one of the brilliant plans they’ve carried out is Online Class.

This plan saved hundreds of young people from acquiring the virus; however, many students still aren’t in favor of this setup. For them, it’s quite different compared to the traditional class; they’ve been showing their contradictions about having an online because they’ve been facing a lot of hurdles this time, unlike before. 

These contradictions arose because they haven’t created any way to adjust to the new set-up. Adjusting isn’t easy, but it’s necessary Buddy; don’t worry, you can survive this New Normal life through the tips that I’m going to drop below. 

Prepare and Organize Your Reading Materials

Pal, everything will be done virtually; your teachers will definitely provide you with reading materials and ask you to find other stuff to give you more knowledge about the topic. Since it’s risky to go outside to find some books, you can download PDFs and save it in your cellular phones. 

Retrieving reading materials online is way more comfortable today since there are books that are already converted into PDFs. But to make it more personal and organize, you can remove the unnecessary PDF pages in the document. If you’re trying to find a reliable tool, you can use the PDFBEAR online converter; this tool will help you delete PDF pages within just a second. 

Are you worried about the process? Don’t fret, Pal, the steps can be done without any hassle! Firstly, you need to select a PDF document or drop the file you want to change in the box at the center. After that, choose or put the pages you want to eliminate and then hit the Apply Changes. Wait for a few seconds until the newly updated PDF document is out. For the last part, click the Download button to save it on your device. 

Read and Study the Given Topic

Preparing and organizing the reading materials assigned to you isn’t enough, Pal; you must read and study all of those to better understand the topic. The best thing about having a PDF is that you’re allowed to highlight the significant sentences. 

Highlighting is one technique that will help you retain what you’ve read and studied. Aside from that, you can eat dark chocolates while reading and studying since it’s said that chocolates improved everyone’s memory. 

Be Participative During Online Class

Don’t consider online class as an absurd set-up for the reason that it’s not the same as the traditional set-up. Join and put yourself in the process to turn your online class journey into an enjoyable one; learning is fun once you engage yourself with other people, Pal! 

Set Your Deadline

Brace yourself for you’re about to receive a lot of paperwork, Pal! If you love to procrastinate, this is the time to remove that trait and start doing things by setting your deadline first. The deadline pushes all of us to finish all the given tasks on time; therefore, we must set our deadline to deliver all the work as early as possible. 

Prepare Yourself

The things mentioned earlier won’t matter if you’re not ready, Pal. As early as today, prepare yourself to adjust to the new set-up and have the best grade in the future. Focus and don’t be too immersed in social media; instead, read books and other stuff to master your chosen degree. 


This New Normal is kind of weird, I know, but we have no choice but to blend in, Pal. Education shouldn’t be stopped just because we’re having this predicament; hang in there, this virus will be gone soon. Success can never be attained in just a snap; it requires perseverance and full devotion to achieve it. The road towards victory is a little bumpy, I know, but it’s a worthwhile journey.