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Home Renovations: What is Really Worth Investing in 2020?

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Watching a streamed TV show about home renovation is inspiring, right? If you’re anything like the rest of us you start imagining what you can do with your own space at home. Perhaps you too can transform it into a home fit for showcasing in a magazine.

It’s up to you what you want to do with your space. But not everything you see on TV is relevant to your local market and it’s important to know your renovation dos and don’ts. And if you’re renovating with the hopes of improving the resale value of your property, it’s vital to make the right investments.

No matter which urban or rural area you live in, there are certain features that matter to almost anyone. So, if you’re wondering which tips to follow after watching your next show, we’ll list a few that are guaranteed wise investments.

What are the Smart Home Features?

Smart homes are the way of the future and almost any homeowner will enjoy a few automated features. Many homeowners tend to forget to turn off the coffee maker in the morning or leave the garage door open when they’re in a hurry. So, who doesn’t want to manage their lights, appliances or doors via their mobile phones and sensors throughout the house?

The value of smart home features come from the luxury of easy management, but also because you’ll save money on electricity.

What Security can be installed for your home?

Smart home innovation often also includes security features, but any security upgrade will add value. You can upgrade to the latest gadgets – such as streaming camera feeds to your SmartPhone – or simply make security features more prominent so they act as deterrents.

How to set Family Oriented Living?

When you look at current trends you’ll find many people pick kitchen renovations over transforming any other part of the house. Of course this decision may be driven by the fact that there are so many new kitchen appliances to try out. But it can also be because they prioritize the rooms where the whole family comes together during the day.

When you renovate your home to be more family-friendly, you’ll enjoy it yourself and attract future buyers.

You can also consider prioritizing the garden. Turning vacant space into a welcoming patio to relax on during hot days is a wise investment.

New home owners look for properties with as little work needed as possible. When you’ve already transformed all spaces into practical areas, they’ll prefer your property to other, less developed homes.

How to Curb Appeal?

Of course, the new prospective home owners may not even enter your home if they don’t like what they see from the street. Make sure you invest in the front garden, the front door and the visible boundary walls.

Don’t give them any reason to doubt the quality of your property. If they feel positive walking to the front door, they’re more likely to love the rest of the house and pick yours as their future dream home.

Final Thoughts

Are you upgrading for reselling, or trying to use your home loan wisely to upgrade your newly acquired house? These options will give you excellent value for money now and return on investment in the future. And if you have more tips for other renovators, please don’t hesitate to share.